2015 (12) 24

Issued: 12 / 2015
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6680
293 pages
(Petr A. Bílek), p. 12-14
Theory-Cultures. A Report from Experience
(Manfred Weinberg), p. 15-24
A World of ‘Purely Artistic Conception’ and a ‘Universal Art of the Spirit’: Max Dvořák and Karel Teige between Phenomenology and Surrealism
(Josef Vojvodík), p. 25-41
Kunstwollen: The Transfer and Precarious Survival of an Artistic-Theoretical Concept in Czech Art History of the 20th Century
(Tomáš Murár), p. 42-49
Ostranenie Does Not Equal Ozvláštnění: An Issue of a Term Transferred and Misunderstood
(Libuše Heczková — Kateřina Svatoňová), p. 50-58
Roland Barthes’s Masks in Bohumil Hrabal’s Gaps: Accounts of a Transfer, Transfer of Accounts
(Holt Meyer), p. 59-89
Czech Literary Modernism in the Aus fremden Zungen Journal: Four Instances of Mediation
(Lucie Merhautová), p. 93-125
„in the history of Czech publishing, an unprecedented moral success“. On the Genesis and the Publication of Durych’s (and Eisner’s) Friedland
(Tilman Kasten), p. 126-154
From My Life: When Film Claims Its Right to All History Figures
(Marika Kupková), p. 155-170
Letting Preceding Days Pass: Sketches on the Transfers between Locality and Time-Anchoring in Uwe Johnson’s Anniversaries — with Regard to Prague
(Nils Plath), p. 171-179
The Beauty of Compacting Human Heads: Metaphors of Writing and the History of Book Destruction in Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Loud a Solitude
(Heike Winkel), p. 180-195
The Polymorph Male Body in Bohumil Hrabal’s I Served the King of England as a Counter-Concept to Socialist Realism
(Ina Hartmann), p. 196-204
Words and/without Bodies: The Incorporation of the Word as Autopoetological Imagery in Texts by Bohumil Hrabal and Jáchym Topol
(Anna Förster), p. 205-220
Question for… What is Performativity?
(trans. Martin Pokorný)
(Barbara Gronau — Alice Lagaay), p.  224-227
Critical Views
Modern Literary Theory in the Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe as an Entangled Intellectual History Beginning in the 20th Century to the Present: A Handbook Project at the University of Tübingen
(Schamma Schahadat — Michał Mrugalski — Irina Wutsdorff), p. 231-238
(Libuše Heczková), p. 239-241
A Discourse on Western Sparing in Its Use of Lead
(Jiří Almer), p. 242-244
The Circumscribed Republic, or, Jíra the Farmer at the Gentlemanʼs Table
(Jiří Holý), p. 245-249
Judaeus ex Machina and the ‘Jewish Perpetuum Mobile’: A Technique, or a Dismantling, of One Type of Antisemitism in Literature?
(trans. Petr Dvořáček a Jiří Holý)
(Mona Körte), p. 253-265
20th-Century Theory of Literature (chapter I.)
(trans. Klára Čermochová)
(Anna Burzyńska), p. 267-293
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