2019 (16) 32

Issued: 12 / 2019
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6680
419 pages
p. 14-16
‘Da steht Präsident T. G. Masaryk’, or Richard Meszleny/Messer and His Masarykian Reflections
Michal Topor, p. 19-31
1929. The Year (Not Only) of The Barber-Surgeon: Poetics, Dream, Literary Polemics
Petr Málek, p. 32-108
The City as a ‘Miraculous Notebook’: Walks in Rome by Milada Součková. Towards an Aesthetics and Poetics of the Poetic Image
Josef Vojvodík, p. 109-126
Czech Rorate Chants: On the Desiderata and Challenges of Czech Literary Historiography
Marie Škarpová, p. 127-160
The Concept of Meaning as Coined by Roman Ingarden and Jan Mukařovský: Influence, Inspiration, or Autonomous Paths?
Petr A. Bílek, p. 163-175
Literary History as a Memory of the Reader’s Experience: On ‘Concretization’ in Roman Ingarden and Jan Mukařovský
Dobromir Grigorov, p. 176-183
From Critical Receptions to the Life of a Literary Work
David Skalický, p. 184-193
Do Places of Indeterminacy Exist? Ingarden’s Concept of Literary Work, Speech and Real Entities
Vladimír Papoušek, p. 194-202
Combination or Completion? On two types of Process in Literary Theories of Roman Ingarden and Wolfgang Iser
Martin Kaplický, p. 203-214
‘Drawing Toward Quality’ as a Proto-Aesthetic Event
Vlastimil Zuska, p. 215-227
Retrospective I
The Diaries of Karel Teige in the Literary Archive of the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague
Jan Wiendl, p. 231-309
Retrospective II
Movement, Perspective and Detail. Critiques and Essays of ‘la garçonne’ Marie Pujmanová
Libuše Heczková, p. 313-326
House of All Nations
Marie Pujmanová, p. 327-329
Retrospective III
The 4th Congress of Czech Writers, 1967
Michal Bauer, p. 333-346
Recommendations of the Central Committee of the Union of Czechoslovak Writers Concerning Issues in Czechoslovak Literature, Prepared for the 4th Congress of Czech Writers
p. 347-361
Critical Views
Jesuit Culture Dedicated to Professor Josef Vintr
Ondřej Koupil, p. 365-368
Johan Huizinga and the Defense of Modern Europeanism
Josef Vojvodík, p. 369-375
Not Only on the Topic of German Literature
Ladislav Futtera, p. 376-384
Hrabal Is a Fox! Bohumil Hrabal’s Authorial Multiplicity in the Contemplative Reading of Jakub Češka
Blanka Činátlová, p. 385-389
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fictional Worlds: Report from The XIV Prague Interpretation Colloquium
Enrico Terrone, p. 390-393
Libuše Heczková, p. 397-398
Introduction to the Czech Translation
Maggie Berg — Barbara K. Seeber, p. 399-399
The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy
Maggie Berg — Barbara K. Seeber, p. 400-415
Thinking Between Texts and Images
Miroslav Petříček, p. 416-419
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