2022 (19) 39 (Special Issue)

Vydáno: 06 / 2022
Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-6680
250 stran

Jewish Literature and Culture in Central Europe


Jiří Hrabal, p. 5-7
Studies and Sketches
I. Central European Jewish Authors, their Work and its Reception
Jewish Literature in German Clothing…?
Karl Erich Grözinger, p. 13-25
An Outline of the History of German-Written Jewish Literature from Bohemia and Moravia
Ingeborg Fialová-Fürstová, p. 26-38
Siegfried Kapper and the South Slavic Literary Culture of the Western Balkans
Jiří Hrabal, p. 39-58
The Accusation of Zionism: Anti-Semitic Stereotypes in Polish and Czech Communist Propaganda
Joanna Królak, p. 59-67
Student Films Based on the Short Stories of Arnošt Lustig at the Beginning of the 1960s
Michal Bauer, p. 68-83
The Poetry of Ilana Shmueli within the Cultural Context of Chernivtsi and Bukovina
Radek Malý, p. 84-94
Anyone Can Be a Narrator: Possibilities of Hasidic Storytelling in the Work of Jiří Mordechaj Langer
Ondřej Pavlík, p. 95-106
II. Representations of Jewishness and Jews in Central European Literatures
On the Image of Jews in Latin Humanist Poetry
Jana Kolářová, p. 109-122
The Memory Trace of Jewishness in the Memoir Literature of Authors of the Late 19th Century
Jana Vrajová, p. 123-138
La Belle Juive: The Myth of the Beautiful Jewess in Czech Literature at the Turn of the 20th Century
Vojtěch Smutný, p. 139-150
Jewish Traces in the Inter-War Prose Writing of Assimilated Authors
Erik Gilk, p. 151-160
The Mirror Image of Josef Bašek: On Human Metamorphosis in Egon Hostovský’s Novel Ztracený stín (1931)
Zuzana Kopecká, p. 161-172
‘Tell Me, Gretchen, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Jewess?’ The Inter-War Image of Jewishness in a Magazine for Modern, Educated Women
Kateřina Korábková, p. 173-197
(Un)Familiar Jewishness in the Work of Jiří Weil
Marie Brunová, p. 198-209
The Representation of Jewishness in the Work of Viktor Fischl
Martina Halamová, p. 210-222
The Jewish World in the Prose Works of Mychajlo Šmajda
Adriana Amir, p. 223-241
The Reception of the Life and Work of Franz Kafka in Philip Roth’s Non-Fiction Writings
Michal Sýkora, p. 242-249


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